Forever Young

Jenny and André Hattingh take you on a musical journey through the sixties and seventies.
"The sisters' sheer talent, versatility and perfect rapport makes time fly"

The show is a wonderful nostalgic journey playing songs and sharing anecdotes about those times. It has become really popular among the older generation and they are happy to travel and perform wherever the demand  takes them.They have their own sound-system
The full length show runs for 1hour 30 minutes. This can be adapted to any length, depending on the requirements of the venue. To discuss a booking and fee please feel free to phone André Hattingh on 0834473189.  They are willing to play for a fraction of their professional fee for old age homes and charities

André and Jenny Hattingh  are singing sisters.
Their first professional show was touring, as the supporting act for a well-known Afrikaans group called. Group Twee. They were teenagers of 13 and 15. In 2012 almost 50 years later,
the sisters have picked up their guitars and are singing again.They have created  a wonderful reputation for themselves and are in demand all over the country.
The show Forever Young  includes the music of the Seekers, Peter Paul and Mary, John Denver, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Carly Simon, Joni Michell, and Pete Seeger, just to name a few.